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SAVING GRACIE by Jill Teitelman (Freestyle Press, Boston, Ma. 12/5/12) 309 pages. ISBN 978-0-9858887-0-1 (paper, $13.99) 978-0-9858887-1-8 (kindle ebook, $3.99)


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“Why didn’t I ask where the Women’s Lib train was going before I jumped on?” wonders East Village poet Ruth Kooperman in this literary, humorous novel. Almost forty, tired of all her freedom (including European forays and ganja retreats in Jamaica), Ruth’s ready for a realer life.

Miraculously, a difficult but interesting man shows up just in time. He and pregnant Ruth leave her beloved neighborhood for provincial, friendless Boston where she raises their son Joey with only a little help from his estranged dad. Hardship changes Ruth into a still-lovable but much wiser woman whose observations keep us laughing, yet touch our deepest feelings.

Here’s an Everywoman’s journey, from last-minute motherhood to the first demonic strike of middle-age mortality which steals our dearest friends. The believable characters remind us how friendship and dark, female humor help us navigate our lives. Laugh, cry, laugh again.



“Saving Gracie is the kind of novel that you live inside while youʼre reading it.  Put plainly: this book is amazing, and everyone should go read it, now.”

— BIBLIOTICA (read the rest of this review)


“A unique, honest voice I haven’t heard before about the quest for love, connection and family. The humor sweetens the sadness.”

— Cynthia Clarkson, hospice nurse

“I sat down yesterday with your book and didn’t really stop until I had finished it! I was really involved with the narrator and her life, and I admire your blend of seriousness and humor– the wonderful edge of the book’s voice.”

— Linda Pastan, poet

“Stayed up for the last three nights reading. Just like catching up with an old friend. Laughed and wept and was sorry to turn the last page. Such a fine book!”

— Naomi Richman, psychotherapist

“This seemingly light-hearted story takes us to the depths of friendship, marriage, parenting and hope. Startling candor and so much humor that even in Ruth’s darkest struggles, the reader wants to be there. Deliciously clever writing, especially the sharp, smart dialogue.”

— Pat Bertschy, journalist