saving gracie - a novel

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“This book is amazing, and everyone should go read it, now. Goes well with bagels, cream cheese, and a cup of mushroom soup.” BIBLIOTICA

“Why didn’t I ask where the Women’s Lib train was going before I jumped on?” wonders East Village poet Ruth Kooperman. On the brink of forty, her free-wheeling life of fleeting lovers, ganja retreats in Jamaica and whatever spontaneous adventures tempt her, feels suddenly over. Love isn’t working out for her, and neither is literary success. “Maybe,” Ruth decides, “it’s not too late to have a baby.”

Miraculously, a difficult but irresistible man shows up just in time. He and accidentally pregnant Ruth move from her beloved Manhattan neighborhood to provincial, friendless Boston. Soon alone again, Ruth raises their son Joey with only a little help from his dad.

Desperate dating, a brief marriage and a friend’s illness turn our feisty heroine into a wiser woman. SAVING GRACIE is an Everywoman’s journey, from last-minute motherhood to the first demonic strike of middle-age mortality. SAVING GRACIE keeps us laughing while touching our deepest feelings.

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